UN SG's Peace Day Message 2020

The International Day of Peace is devoted to urging warring parties everywhere

to lay down their weapons and work for harmony. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world, this call is more important than ever.

That is why I appealed for a global ceasefire in March.

Our world faces a common enemy: a deadly virus that is causing immense suffering, destroying livelihoods,

contributing to international tensions and exacerbating already formidable peace and security challenges.

The focus of this year’s International Day of Peace is “Shaping Peace Together.”

In that spirit, and to mark our 75th anniversary, the United Nations is bringing people together for

a global conversation about shaping our future and forging peace in trying times.

In these days of physical distancing, we may not be able to stand next to one another.

But we must still stand together for peace.

And, together, I know we can — and will — build a more just, sustainable and equitable world.

António Guterres


Program At a Glance (Nov. 14, 2020)

  - Time Zone (Black = Seoul Time, Blue = Chicago Time)

  - Zoom Webinar ID :  915 2421 9389 (No Password) / URL: Join the IDP 2020 (click)

    *The event (webinar meeting room) will be opened in Nov. 14, 2020 at 08:30 am (Seoul Time Zone) / Nov 13, 2020 at 05:30 pm (Chicago)

















Opening Session

One Minute of Silence for World Peace

  - Master Charles H. C. Kim (President, Peace School)

    (BGM Song) Mr. William Buchholtz (Native American Flautist)

Welcome Remarks

  - Dr. Sung-gon Kim (President, KOCUN-IDP)

Secretary-General's Message 2020 

Peace Message

  - Rev. Norio Sakai (Chairperson, International Association for Religions Freedom Japan Chapter)


UN75 Keynote Speech

 Topic: "COVID-19 and Human Security"

  - H.E. Ambassador Mr. Won-soo Kim (Former Under Secretary-General, United Nations)

 Peace Dialogue with H.E. Ambassador  Mr. Won-soo Kim


  - Ms. Kehkashan Basu (Founder-President, Green Hope Foundation) / Moderator

  Guest Panels

  - Ms. Carolyn Colman (Senior, Jones College Prep in Chicago)

  - Ms. Yuuka Kageyama (PhD Student, Doshisha University in Kyoto)

  - Ms. Go-oon Sohn (Freshman, Sungkyungwan University in Seoul) 


UN75 Peace Talks

 Peace Talks between the UN and Civil Society

 Topic: "Shaping Peace Together: Global Citizenship for SDGs"


  - Mr. Hwa-seok Ryu (Secretary-General, KOCUN-IDP)

  Guest Panels

  - Mr. Hyun-mook Lim (Director, UNESCO APCEIU)

  - Ms. Monica Willard (UN Representative, United Religions Initiative)

  - Dr. Suphamet Yunyasit (Secretary-General, Religions for Peace Thailand)

Video Message from Chicago (English Only)


UN75 Intergenerational Dialogue

 Intergenerational dialogue with youth leaders  

 Topic: "Shaping Future Together: New Youth Actions for Peace"


  - Ms. Sarah Oliver (Global Youth Coordinator, United Religions Initiative)

  Guest Panels

  - Ms. Jennifer Kim (Committee Chair, Chicago Build the Peace Committee)

  - Mr. Issac S. Thomas (Trustee, United Religions Initiative)

  - Ms. Asia Boler (Senior, Kenwood Academy High School in Chicago)

  - Mr. Jong-won Choi (Senior, Sejong University in Seoul)

  - Ms. Honoka Tsukiya (Freshman, School of Oriental and African Studies in London)


Closing Session

  - Ms. Seiko Takase (Representative, Aossciation of the Preservation of the UN Pecae Bell)

  - Mr. Tae-woo Kim (Executive Director, Corps. PEACE)

Program At a Glance (Nov. 13, 2020)



Global Conversation between Japan and Korea

 Topic: "New Generation: Global Citizenship and Rethinking of the Japan-Korea relations

 Presentation on the Topic

  - Ms. Hinako Takasaki (Sophia University in Tokyo)

  - Ms. Joo-young Kim (Handon Global University in Pohang)

 Presentation on the Case Study

  - Ms. Seo-an Kim (Sukmyung Women's University in Seoul) 

  - Ms. Nene Takeuchi (Keio University in Tokyo)


Discussion and Q&A for Dialogue

 Topic: "Is Global Citizenship a New Solution for the Japan-Korea Relations?"

 Discussion and Q&A

  - Dr. Kentaro Azuma (Associate Professor, Nagoya University) 

  - Mr. Tae-woo Kim (Deputy Secretary-General, KOCUN-IDP)

  - Japanese and Korean participants

Program At a Glance (Nov. 15, 2020)



Executive Meeting 

 Topic: "Review of the IDP 2020 and Discuss a new Agenda for IDP 2021"

Korean Organizing Committee for
UN International Day of Peace