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The 41th International Day of Peace Event 
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Shaping Our Future Together

International Day of Peace

The International Day of Peace ("UN Peace Day") is observed around the world each year on 21 September.

Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution, UN Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace. In Republic of Korea, the peace day event has organized by the KOCUN-IDP since 2008. The KOCUN-IDP is a very specific civic-driven group and member organization of the International Day of Peace NGO Committee at the United Nations ("IDP NGO Committee").


Public Diplomacy for Peace
IDP 2019-2
Dialogue among Global Citizens
Dialogue among Civilization
37 IDP-1
Intergenerational Dialogue

Korean civil society (KOCUN-IDP) and Japanese Knowledge Society (Nagoya University) had a dialogue to understand each other in order to find solutions for building good Japan-Korea relations. All generations from youth to senior were participated in the event; Japanese and Korean youths from more than 20+ universities and others from academic, civil and religious sector.

(Dates: 1-3 November 2019, Venue: Nagoya University, Japan)


Japan-Korea Peace Symposium in Nagoya 2019
Nagoya Event
38th International Day of Peace in Republic of Korea
IDP 2019.jpg

KOCUN-IDP invited Chicago Committee for UN Peace Day to promote global peace movement together. At the event, speakers emphasized on 'global citizenship' to solve global issues. 300+ delegates were from more than 15 countries and various sectors such as UN agency, government, academy, religion, civil society, and youth. 

(Dates: 6-8 September 2019, Venue: MVL Hotel Goyang, Republic of Korea)

Korean Organizing Committee for
UN International Day of Peace
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