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What We Do

International Day of Peace
The International Day of Peace event in Republic of Korea is civic-driven event to spread importance of peace and its values to the public. All peace players from government, UN agency, civil society, academic society, religion society, and youth community have participated in the event to build relationship and share knowledge and experience.
  (1) International Day of Peace Ceremony
  (2) International Day of Peace Global Forum
  (3) International Day of Peace D-100 Workshop
  (4) International Day of Peace Theme Campaign
International / Global Campaign
The Korean Committee has promoted international or global campaign which establishes by the United Nations or its relevant organizations. Currently, the committee focuses on global citizenship and sustainable development, particularly youth and gender equality, respect diversity, and awake humanity.
  (1) Global Citizenship Education & Campaign
  (2) Supporting SDGs event & Campaign
  (3) International Girls in ICT Day Youth Camp
  (4) Youth Action for UNSCR 2250
Executive Meetings with Peace Leaders
The Korean Committee has strong relationship with high-level leaders and partnership with global organizations. The committee has join the regular meeting in order to make the world a better place.
  (1) International Day of Peace NGO Committee at the United Nations
  (2) Committee of Religious NGOs at the United Nations
  (3) Committee on Publication of the Peace Report
International / Global Event
The Korean Committee has organized international event with partners to understand each other and build trust by finding global solutions for global problem together.
 (1) Dialogue among Civilizations 
 (2) Japan-Korea Peace Symposium with Nagoya University
 (3) Myanmar-Korea Peace Forum with Yangon University
Dialogue among Global Citizens
The goal of the Korean Committee is to foster dialogue between global citizens to prevent war and conflict. Recently a rise of tribalism has threaten great achievement of mankind such as human rights, liberty, and democracy. Global Citizen is a path to the world peace.   
  (1) Global Citizenship and its Education
  (2) Universal Value and International Understanding
  (3) Awakening Humanity for Changing the World
Inter-generational Dialogue
The Youth Assembly for Peace (YAP) is the largest inter-generational dialogue platform between senior and young generation in Republic of Korea. The YAP aims at increasing youths' opportunity in peace action and sharing various perspectives on global issues.
  (1) Youth Assembly
  (2) Youth4Peace Conference
  (3) Youth Diplomacy Academy 
Korean Organizing Committee for
UN International Day of Peace
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