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UN SG's Peace Day Message 2021

This year’s International Day of Peace comes at a crisis point for humanity.  

COVID-19 has turned our world upside-down. 

Conflicts are spinning out of control. The climate emergency is worsening. Inequality and poverty are deepening.

And mistrust and division are driving people apart at a time when solidarity and collaboration are needed more than ever.

As a human family, we face a stark choice —

Peace or perpetual peril. We must choose peace.That is why I call for a 24-hour ceasefire today.

And by working in solidarity for a lasting, sustainable peace every day, we can tackle the issues facing us.

We need peace to urgently deliver lifesaving vaccines and treatment for COVID-19.

We need peace to recover from the pandemic and re-build shattered systems and shattered lives.

We need peace to level the playing field and reduce inequalities.

We need peace to renew trust in one another — and faith in facts and science.

And we need to make peace with nature — to heal our planet, build a green economy, and achieve our net-zero targets.

Peace is not a naïve dream. It’s a light in the darkness.

Guiding us to the only pathway to a better future for humanity.

Let’s walk the pathway of peace as if our lives depended on it.

Because they do.

António Guterres


Program At a Glance (Nov. 14, 2020)

  - Time Zone (Black = Seoul Time, Blue = Chicago Time)

  - Zoom Webinar ID :  915 2421 9389 (No Password) / URL: Join the IDP 2020 (click)

    *The event (webinar meeting room) will be opened in Nov. 14, 2020 at 08:30 am (Seoul Time Zone) / Nov 13, 2020 at 05:30 pm (Chicago)

















Opening Session

One Minute of Silence for World Peace

  - Master Charles H. C. Kim (President, Peace School)

    (BGM Song) Mr. William Buchholtz (Native American Flautist)

Welcome Remarks

  - Dr. Sung-gon Kim (President, KOCUN-IDP)

Secretary-General's Message 2020 

Peace Message

  - Rev. Norio Sakai (Chairperson, International Association for Religions Freedom Japan Chapter)


UN75 Keynote Speech

 Topic: "COVID-19 and Human Security"

  - H.E. Ambassador Mr. Won-soo Kim (Former Under Secretary-General, United Nations)

 Peace Dialogue with H.E. Ambassador  Mr. Won-soo Kim


  - Ms. Kehkashan Basu (Founder-President, Green Hope Foundation) / Moderator

  Guest Panels

  - Ms. Carolyn Colman (Senior, Jones College Prep in Chicago)

  - Ms. Yuuka Kageyama (PhD Student, Doshisha University in Kyoto)

  - Ms. Go-oon Sohn (Freshman, Sungkyungwan University in Seoul) 


UN75 Peace Talks

 Peace Talks between the UN and Civil Society

 Topic: "Shaping Peace Together: Global Citizenship for SDGs"


  - Mr. Hwa-seok Ryu (Secretary-General, KOCUN-IDP)

  Guest Panels

  - Mr. Hyun-mook Lim (Director, UNESCO APCEIU)

  - Ms. Monica Willard (UN Representative, United Religions Initiative)

  - Dr. Suphamet Yunyasit (Secretary-General, Religions for Peace Thailand)

Video Message from Chicago (English Only)


UN75 Intergenerational Dialogue

 Intergenerational dialogue with youth leaders  

 Topic: "Shaping Future Together: New Youth Actions for Peace"


  - Ms. Sarah Oliver (Global Youth Coordinator, United Religions Initiative)

  Guest Panels

  - Ms. Jennifer Kim (Committee Chair, Chicago Build the Peace Committee)

  - Mr. Issac S. Thomas (Trustee, United Religions Initiative)

  - Ms. Asia Boler (Senior, Kenwood Academy High School in Chicago)

  - Mr. Jong-won Choi (Senior, Sejong University in Seoul)

  - Ms. Honoka Tsukiya (Freshman, School of Oriental and African Studies in London)


Closing Session

  - Ms. Seiko Takase (Representative, Aossciation of the Preservation of the UN Pecae Bell)

  - Mr. Tae-woo Kim (Executive Director, Corps. PEACE)

Program At a Glance (Nov. 13, 2020)



Global Conversation between Japan and Korea

 Topic: "New Generation: Global Citizenship and Rethinking of the Japan-Korea relations

 Presentation on the Topic

  - Ms. Hinako Takasaki (Sophia University in Tokyo)

  - Ms. Joo-young Kim (Handon Global University in Pohang)

 Presentation on the Case Study

  - Ms. Seo-an Kim (Sukmyung Women's University in Seoul) 

  - Ms. Nene Takeuchi (Keio University in Tokyo)


Discussion and Q&A for Dialogue

 Topic: "Is Global Citizenship a New Solution for the Japan-Korea Relations?"

 Discussion and Q&A

  - Dr. Kentaro Azuma (Associate Professor, Nagoya University) 

  - Mr. Tae-woo Kim (Deputy Secretary-General, KOCUN-IDP)

  - Japanese and Korean participants

Program At a Glance (Nov. 15, 2020)



Executive Meeting 

 Topic: "Review of the IDP 2020 and Discuss a new Agenda for IDP 2021"

Korean Organizing Committee for
UN International Day of Peace
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